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Benefits of Working with a Business Banker (Video)

Benefits of Working with a Business Banker (Video)


When you’re running a small business, financial performance is one of your top priorities. No matter the size of your business, a business banker can become a trusted advisor and partner to you. When I work with business owners, I like to describe how I help with 4 A’s: advisor, advocate, access and availability.

  • A business banker is an advisor – someone who can provide expert advice on a variety of financial topics. Someone who can creatively customize solutions to your problems, or link you to a network of other professionals who can.
  • A business banker is your advocate – someone who knows your story, understands your goals and works to help you achieve them.
  • The third A is access. Working with a business banker gives you access to information, relationships, products, services and other counsel that benefits your business.
  • The fourth benefit of working with a business banker is availability. Your banker is your go-to contact, no matter the topic – someone who is your source to answer questions and offer solutions.

As a business owner, look for a banker who can deliver these four As: advisor, advocate, access and availability. Do you own a business and want to learn more? We’re ready to help.

Travis Etchison

Travis Etchison

Vice President, Commercial Sales Manager Email Travis

A native of North Carolina, Travis Etchison joined Bankers Trust as Business Banking Manager in 2013. He was promoted to SVP, Central Iowa Commercial Banking Manager in 2022. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Travis started his career as a business banker at Bank of America in Raleigh. He then worked at Capital Bank as a Commercial Lender before moving to Des Moines, where he worked as a business banking manager at Wells Fargo for eight years.  

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