Renee Nichols, relationship banker II, comes to the bank every day ready to get to know her customers on a deeper level. In fact, she considers most of them to be family, as she has been in the banking industry for more than 25 years.

“There are customers who have come to me for many years, and I build relationships with them to the point where we’re like family,” she said. “These relationships make my job more enjoyable, and it keeps me coming back.”

She believes that not only building relationships, but also listening and communicating effectively with her customers is essential.

“Being a good listener and communicator, taking the time to ask questions, and listening to my customers’ hopes and inquiries makes me a better person and a better banker,” Renee said. “It prepares me to better help them in the future. I use every situation as a learning opportunity.”

Renee’s expertise lies in helping customers understand various banking topics. She does this by contributing to the Bankers Trust Education Center.

“When customers ask questions about saving money, want different tips on how to invest or need other banking information, I help them understand by eliminating the bank jargon and putting information in simpler terms,” Renee said. “We also do this through the articles and other resources shared on the Education Center.”

When Renee isn’t helping her customers, she volunteers with the Bankers Trust financial literacy program Read to Save, which she has been dedicated to for more than 10 years.

“At Read to Save, we partner with Junior Achievement, and I work with fourth graders,” she said. “This directly relates to how I contribute to the Education Center because I use the same verbiage online as I do with the students. Working with them makes me a great leader and shows them what we have to offer as a bank.”


A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Renee Nichols is a relationship banker at Bankers Trust. She joined Bankers Trust in 1997 as a teller at the East Branch, and she worked in a variety of customer service and relationship banking positions before moving to her current position at the Windsor Heights branch. In this role, Renee is the Universal Lead and is responsible for opening, servicing and maintaining consumer and commercial accounts. Prior to joining Bankers Trust, Renee spent four years at Union Planters Bank in Memphis before moving to Des Moines. She studied at the University of Memphis and Upper Iowa University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree.

Renee is actively involved in the community and enjoys volunteering with the Bankers Trust financial literacy program Read to Save, Latino Heritage Festival, Celebrasion, Variety Telethon, as well as with her children’s various school activities. Renee has been recognized for her service with an Outstanding Sales Achievement award in 2011 and Certificates of Achievement for outstanding volunteer service from Bankers Trust, the Oak Ridge Neighborhood and Read to Save.

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