Rich Coulter, senior systems security engineer—IT, has a unique background and skillset unlike any employee in the IT department.

“I think what I bring to the table is experience working with Microsoft and Windows for global companies,” Rich said. He has worked in environments as large as 320k seats world-wide.

Rich’s experience includes a wide range of roles and responsibilities over the years including Microsoft Design Architect, Solutions Architect, Delivery Consultant and Systems Engineer. Rich comes from a very large enterprise-level background. A little thing about him that you should definitely know, while he does have a consulting background, he was previously in the shoes as an IT Administrator for a number of years.

Throughout his experience in the technology industry, Rich has earned over 15 certifications including 3 Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and 2 Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) credentials.

“The security architecture framework at the organizations I was at previously is significantly different than we see in corporate America,” Rich said. “There was a deep security focus, which complemented my transition to Bankers Trust and my ability to contribute to the Education Center.”

Rich utilizes his expertise to serve as an expert contributor to the Bankers Trust Education Center’s Security category.

“I like to help increase awareness of secure online behavior among our customers and employees,” he said. “Technology is something many people see as a nuisance and not everyone understands the importance of it, so I try to write articles that people can relate to.”

In the IT department, Rich acts as a technical mentor and oversees other security systems engineers from an architectural standpoint.

“I’m passionate about my team because we all have similar mindsets when it comes to project execution,” he said. “Doing things right is very basic, but it’s also fundamental. When it comes to the implementation component of technology, it’s important to me that we follow best practices in building and maintaining our security architecture.”


Rich Coulter is a senior systems security engineer at Bankers Trust and self-proclaimed “all-around geek” specializing in systems management and security and having more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry. He graduated from Kansas University with a B.S. in network administration and began working for the Bank in March 2017. In his previous role, he was a senior Microsoft system center engineer, supporting the USDA’s Risk Management Agency. Rich comes from a consulting background and has held various roles including technical consultant, solutions architect and Microsoft design architect. He has three Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certifications in Private Cloud, Communications and Applications Infrastructure, as well as two Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certifications, and has attained more than 15 Microsoft certifications.

Rich has a strong passion for managing corporate security, along with a relentless desire to champion best practices. In his current role, he is responsible for performing all functions required to support day-to-day data security operations, supporting and maintaining a broad suite of information security infrastructure and is responsible for availability, integrity, and monitoring compliance with IT security policy. Rich also performs planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of security systems in support of security policies for Bankers Trust.

In his free time, he enjoys fishing, boating, travelling and working out.

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