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The Key to Delivering on Service Standards

The Key to Delivering on Service Standards

Long-standing and successful businesses have at least one thing in common: they deliver on their service standards. These could include promises of responsive, accurate, knowledgeable, and friendly service, for example. How do they do it? They equip their team members with the support they need to provide top notch service. It may seem simple, yet so many businesses overlook this operational principle.

What does it mean to support my team members?

While supporting team members traditionally looks like purchasing new technology, investing in automation, and hiring more employees, it shouldn’t stop there. An equally important part of supporting your team is creating an environment and culture in which team members feel connected, engaged and recognized. And the more you work on this, the better both employee and customer loyalty will be.

Here’s an overview of ways to support your team.

Connect often

If you have team members working remotely, find ways to stay connected as a group. If you have team members working on-site, show your understanding for the challenges that may pose for them and their families, and be as flexible as possible to accommodate their needs.

Focus on a culture of engagement

When employees are engaged at work, they are happier, and consequently, they tend to perform better. Just as you would invest in your business’s technology, you should invest in your company’s culture. Make sure your team members know you value their input and are open to addressing needed change. Showing interest and openness to feedback will lead to valued team members and a more effective customer service model.

Recognize your team members often

Like a culture of engagement, a strong culture of recognition can also go a long way in having happier and better performing employees. As a leader, take the time to recognize and reward your employees for a job well done, and encourage more peer-to-peer recognition too.

Remember: A happy team will support you when you need it most

Especially when we live through a crisis and a series of unforeseen challenges like those in 2020, it shows that a strong, engaged team is what can keep a business going. A team that feels it has been supported will in turn step up to support your business and its customers in times of need. And business owners – especially those in professional services – must remember: your product is your people. Investing in them may be the best investment you make in your business.

Jayme Fry

Jayme Fry

VP, Commercial Relationship Manager (515) 248-1307 Email Jayme

Jayme Fry is Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager and has been with Bankers Trust since January 2018. In her role, she meets with business owners to understand how their businesses operate and provides solutions to help them grow, transition and run more efficiently. Prior to Bankers Trust, she worked at CIBC and West Bank as a business banker. She also spent six years as an underwriter and eventually a portfolio manager at a bank in Chicago. She has 14 years of experience in the commercial lending field. Jayme studied at the University of Iowa where she earned her bachelor’s degree in finance.

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