Spending considerable time abroad and speaking different languages at a young age fostered Tony Braida’s love of international travel, influenced his education and, ultimately, led him to his role as Vice President for Global Banking at Bankers Trust.

Tony has experience in many areas of global banking and has been in international business for nearly 30 years. He has a broad knowledge of how business is done around the world, as he has traveled to many destinations throughout his career. He has also lived abroad, including while completing his undergraduate and master’s degrees in International Management. He is also fluent in five languages.

In his role and as an expert for the Bankers Trust Education Center, Tony combines his international experience with his passion for lifelong learning.

“If I can help someone learn about a topic, that’s a great thing,” Tony said. “I also find value in learning from the other Education Center experts.”

Tony uses the Education Center to share trends of the ever-changing global banking industry. One example is how blockchain technology can be adapted to the banking industry.

“The way people and businesses are moving and sending money globally is evolving and will continue to change,” Tony said. “I also believe we will see banks and FinTech [financial technology] companies collaborating more and more within the next five years.”

At the bank, Tony helps customers and prospective customers expand their businesses throughout the world. Through this, he shows customers how and where they can do business internationally.

“I help my customers realize that taking their business abroad is an easier process than they might initially think,” Tony said. “The services I provide set us apart from many other banks, large or small.”

Offering Global banking services in house is unique for community banks. And having Bankers Trust’s team based in Des Moines makes it easier for businesses to receive international banking and consulting services, since many national banks base their global teams from bigger hubs, such as Chicago or New York. Tony enjoys his role, what the bank stands for and the people in it.

“Bankers Trust and its employees share a deep sense of community and engagement,” he said. “We really are a local bank, and I think you can see that through our authenticity and sincerity. We care about connecting with our customers.”

Learn more about how Tony is helping businesses grow by reading his contributions to the Education Center.


Tony Braida serves as vice president of Global Banking at Bankers Trust. With more than 27 years of experience in international sales, marketing, and logistics in the private sector, Tony helps small- to mid-sized companies broaden their overseas markets. Prior to joining Bankers Trust in 2014, Tony worked in international sales and marketing for Iowa Export-Import Trading Company and RYKO Solutions, Inc. He graduated from Central College in Pella, Iowa, with a B.A. in International Management and Spanish and earned his Master’s in International Management from Boston University/Sapienza Universita’ di Roma in Rome, Italy.

Apart from his position with Bankers Trust, Tony serves on several local boards with international reach, including the International Traders of Iowa, Iowa International Center, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, as well as co-chairing the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s International Council.

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