Jenny Carter isn’t new to the retirement services industry. In fact, she has worked with retirement plans since she graduated from college in 1992. The same can be said about her dedicated team, which has an average of 15 years of tenure in the industry.

“Our tenure is really important because having relationships with and trusting those who you’re working with every day is essential. Our focus is on our clients and plan participants, which is a major differentiator for us,” Jenny said. “We have a personal connection with them. They have an opportunity to sit down with us, we look at their statement, ensure they’re investing appropriately and make any adjustments along the way.”

Jenny is also a contributor of the Retirement and Investing category of the Education Center. Within her category, she shares her expertise on retirement planning. Simplifying complex topics for readers has provided her a unique outlook to what she does at the bank.

“After writing the last few articles for the Education Center, it has made me think about topics differently,” she said. “A lot of the things I’m talking about with plan participants are the same things that I focus on in the Education Center articles. I think the fact that it’s easy to understand and fun to read brings people back to look at the next article to see what else is available.”

Over her years in the retirement industry, Jenny earned her Retirement Plan Associate (RPA) designation and Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) designation. While her designations and degree relate to what she does in her career, she believes her experience makes her work stand out the most.

“Having a business background and understanding client needs is important, but a lot of it is keeping up with the markets and quickly changing industry regulations,” she said. “You have to pick it up and go with it, and you must have good relationships with clients that you work with.”


Jenny Carter is vice president, associate managing director of Retirement Plan Services in the Wealth Management Division at Bankers Trust, where she provides oversight for qualified and nonqualified retirement plan administration. She joined the Bank in 2010 and served in Supervisor and Manager roles before being promoted to her current position in 2015. Jenny holds a Retirement Plan Associate (RPA) designation through Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), and Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI). Her background includes: implementation, administration, and technical compliance of defined contribution plans. Prior to joining Bankers Trust, Jenny worked in positions at Diversified Investment Advisors, Marsh Advantage America and Principal Financial Group. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in business from William Penn University.

Jenny is active in the community as a volunteer at her children’s school and with Meals from the Heartland, and she previously served as a Girl Scouts troop leader. In her free time, she enjoys being involved in her kids’ activities and reading.

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