When searching for her first job, Christi McWilliams, security officer—Financial Intelligence, knew she wanted to begin her career at Bankers Trust. At just 19 years old, she became a Customer Service Representative.

Throughout her tenure, Christi has worked in five departments at the bank. After working in customer service, she assumed a relationship banker position at the Windsor Heights location. She also worked in both the Electronic Banking and Deposit Operations departments before joining the Financial Intelligence team.

“Financial Intelligence has always been of interest to me,” she said. “When I saw an entry level position open in the department, I knew I needed to apply! Once I started in the department, I quickly realized how much I loved the physical security and fraud side, so I grew my expertise in those fields by going to conferences, obtaining certifications and attending classes.”

Having worked in several different roles during her time at the bank, Christi’s experience with different departments helps her every day in her current security role.

“Working in several other departments helps me have a better understanding of the enterprise as a whole,” she said. “Each department I have worked in gave me knowledge that I use in my current job. Knowing the bank’s functions and knowing a bit about other areas is helpful when assisting internal and external customers. Whether investigating fraud or addressing security concerns, it’s nice to know the ins and outs of other areas in order to have a better understanding of the impact.”

Christi also uses her knowledge and background in security as an expert contributor to the Bankers Trust Education Center’s security category.

“We train well internally, but our customers need the education, too,” she said. “One of the best ways to reach them is through avenues such as the Education Center, and without it, our customers wouldn’t know where to go when problems arise and that they can ask us questions. If they have a resource to turn to, we can better protect them.”

At the bank, Christi’s team manages all aspects of physical security at the bank, from cameras and alarms to fraud and security.

“At the bank, I feel that everyone is on the same level, no matter the title you hold,” she said. “We treat each other the same, and we’re all one big team. The atmosphere is much different than any other bank, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere but Bankers Trust.”


Christi McWilliams is the Bank Security Officer at Bankers Trust and has more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry. She began her career at Bankers Trust in the Customer Service department, followed by several years as a Relationship Banker, Electronic Banking Specialist and Deposit Operations before joining the Financial Intelligence team in 2015. Her responsibilities include all aspects of physical security enterprise-wide, robbery prevention, and fraud monitoring. Christi is a Certified Community Bank Security Officer (CCBSO), Certified Bank Security Manager (CBSM), and Certified BSA/AML Officer (CBAO).

In her free time, Christi serves on the Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa Board and is the current secretary. Outside of work, Christi enjoys being involved in her children’s activities and spending time with family.

CBSM certification is specially designed to benefit any professional working with Information Technology and Information Security who has a direct responsibility for information. 

CBAO certification signifies being a BSA AML Officer. This certification is put on by Lexis Nexis and it covers the following: Bank Secrecy Act, USA Patriot Act, Anti-Money Laundering Requirements, OFAC Requirements.

The CCBSO credential provides Security Officers with the critical information needed to meet regulatory requirements and provides strategic and tactical methods of security, robbery and fraud prevention and risk management.

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