Three SBA Financing Programs for Businesses that Export

(Video Transcript)

Quite literally, export markets can open up a world of growth opportunities for businesses. The Small Business Administration offers three Export Financing programs designed to make it easier for companies to do business internationally.

First is Export Express.

  • Export Express loans can be used for any businesses purposes that will enhance a company’s export development, such as working capital, inventory or equipment purchases to expand operations.

 Second is the Export Working Capital Program (EWCP)

  • EWCP loans give greater flexibility in negotiating export payment terms.
  • These loans are often used for:
    • financing suppliers or inventory,
    • working capital, or
    • financing stand-by letters of credit or down payment guarantees.

 The third SBA export financing program is the International Trade Loan Program.

  • You can use International Trade Loans for fixed assets and working capital for businesses that plan to start or continue exporting.
  • The funds can be used to acquire, construct or renovate facilities and equipment used to produce goods and services involved in international trade.

Is your business already in the global market or planning to enter it?

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